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Elizabeth's Magickal Herbal Kitchen Garden
Some House-Keeping Rules..
General Tips for good Magickal Herbal Kitchen Gardening
Harvesting , drying & storage of herbs
The Magic Of Culinary Herbs...
In Tune With The Moon
Some tips in Herbal Magick...
Herbs as companions..
Some tips in Herbal Magick...


            Here are some general tips to aid you in herbal magick . This is by no means an exhaustive list . Good applications in herbal magick goes a long way in ensuring a successful working to bring harmony , love  , warmth & peace .
(1)Always ask your plants for permission when harvesting them . They are after all living beings which are to be respected in their own way . Learn to establish a good magick working relationship with them & you shall reap the benefits of herbal magick in no time !
(2)When you want to use a certain herb for a working , empower them by 'charging' them : i.e , close your eyes and cup the herb(s) in your palm & mentally project the need & use of the herb you are going to use . Visualize the effect . As you place the herb(s) into the chalice or cauldron or pot , again focus your intent & visualize again . This help to focus your consciousness & re-affirm your intention   . You may like to say a rhyme or chant as you do so .    
(3)Give your plant(s) at least some days of ' moon-bath' during the time between the waxing moon & the full moon . You may use a mirror to reflect the moonlight on them or place then outside your yard or on your windowsill overnight .
(4)For some of you who are into weather magick as well  , such as to bring about fine weather to ensure a good harvest , one word of advice : you may do the spell but let the Goddess to decide what is the 'best' for your plant . Mind you : a weather spell can backfire & affect some global weather pattern . ( Some of you might disagree with this . But it does happens!
(5)You may also wish to empower your herbs by placing a 'charged' crystal or stone near your plant . For instance , a stone or crystal programmed or 'charged' by you for protection purposes may be placed near the plant ( corresponding for protection purposes ) for at least a week . Do not remove the stone or crystal immediately . Leave it there for awhile .

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