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Elizabeth's Magickal Herbal Kitchen Garden
Herbs as companions..
Some House-Keeping Rules..
General Tips for good Magickal Herbal Kitchen Gardening
Harvesting , drying & storage of herbs
The Magic Of Culinary Herbs...
In Tune With The Moon
Some tips in Herbal Magick...
Herbs as companions..

Stream 2

                    Have you view your plants in a different manner ? Like a child , a pet or a companion ? Sure , it cannot talk back to you as we do . But it can feel  . Plants are one of the most fasincating and oldest forms of life on Earth . They offer us much knowledge in healing , growth , decoration and everday well-being . We just need to take the time to know them  .
             Communicate with your plants . Talk to them . Research has also shown that if you scold your plants everyday  , they would not grow as well as those which are spoken to nicely . Play your favourite music to them . And watch them blosom beautifully !    
            Plants can also feel your touch . Stroke their leaves gently .  Examine for any signs of disease or bugs at the same time . This 'tells' them that you care .
            Let your plant bask in the moonlight during the full moon phase . They need the sunlight as much as moonlight .
           Attend to the needs of your plants regularly . It takes comitment , love  , warmth and tenderness to cultivate a thriving and healthy kitchen garden . Of couse , there is work  , but  think of it from another perspective . A beautiful kitchen garden or any kind of garden for that matter will bring much benefits to you and your love ones !  
              Take the time to connect with the 'deva' or 'spirit' of the plant . Send a mental " Hello" or " how do you ? " or " You look great today !" etc . This should not be a one-time affair . Wait for the plant to connect to you too . It nay be slow at first . Plants  , like pets , need to adjust tp thier surroundings and to you ! Once they are comfortable , look for the signs . They will 'tell' you when they are ready .
               Establishing a nuturing & growing working relationship with your plants ( herbs) do take time but the rewards are fulfillling .
              I've seen my plants gently swaying even thouhg there was no wind . It was as though they were saying " Hi there !" in their own way . Have you seen yours done that ?

Fall Foliage in Somerville