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Elizabeth's Magickal Herbal Kitchen Garden
In Tune With The Moon


           The Moon  , being our closest celestial body , has no doubt  its effects on life on Earth . Though smaller than the Earth ,  it affects the cycles of several species  , including ours and that of plants . The harvesting of plants is too affected by the phases of the Moon .  
                 In The Phase of the Waxing
              The lifeforce of plants is increasing throughout this two weeks duration . Herbs  , being harvested during this phase , would retain much of its flavour , size , colour etc . The plant essence is being pulled right up to its top . Therefore , it would be the best time to harvest the leaves or fruits of the plant . It is also said that one should not harvest right away at the first day of the new moon as the plant is still carrying the the energy to its tops .  
                Choose the appropriate timing along with the herbs you have harvested during this phase to ensure a sucessful working . The waxing phase is suitable for working for bringing new things into your life : such as a job , good health , self-improvement , romance , beauty , courage etc.
               Herbs which promote health & vitality  , brew as a tonic or used as stimulants ,  are to be harvested during this phase as well .
                  In the phase of the Waning
              This phase is about two weeks . Now  , it is suitable to feed the roots and a great time to harvest roots . Herbs which remove diseases  are best harvested duringthis phase . The plant essence are reaching into its roots during this phase as well . Hence during the first day of the New moon , the last remaining energies of the waning moon are still present  , leaves or fruits of the plant should not be harvested this phase . It's also a good time to do some weeding .
                   The waning moon is also appropriate for working to eliminate things that you do not want : such as bad habits , depression , stress , addictions etc . Use the appropriate herbs with the suitable timing to ensure potency . Howeve , this does not mean that you can utilize this form of magick or any form of magick for this matter to get rid of  , say your ex-lover or an unfaithful spouse ! This shall not be the intent of magick here ! 

Green Book, Turning

**Always ask the plant for its permission when you harvest it . Focus your intent in a silent prayer and thank the plant for its 'sacrifice' . Plants are after all living beings . Show them respect as you would to people and animals .