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Elizabeth's Magickal Herbal Kitchen Garden
Some House-Keeping Rules..
Some House-Keeping Rules..
General Tips for good Magickal Herbal Kitchen Gardening
Harvesting , drying & storage of herbs
The Magic Of Culinary Herbs...
In Tune With The Moon
Some tips in Herbal Magick...
Herbs as companions..

Purple Crystal Ball


Before venturing further , I would like to remind vistors these house rules :

(1)Absolutely no profanity , rudeness , obscencity ,crude remarks etc of any kind are to be directed  to anyone here . All basic courtesy and manners apply everywhere including here .

(2)No left-handed , black , manipulative or harmful  magick of any sort are to be promoted here . This shall not be tolerated here . The House only promotes positive magick !

(3)For any questions , feeback or comments to me or any of the contributers here , feel free to e-mail .

(4)Those who would like to link to me or vice versa , please e-mail as well . I'll get back to you as soon as I can .

(5)Please feel free to contribute any spells , recipes , rituals etc . Only positive magick is allowed here .

(6)All recipes , magick or rituals are suggested ones  . If you do not feel comfortable using them , by all means mix the herbs you are comfortable with . Always use and trust your intuition and instinct ! Wise usage of herbs and herbal magick goes a long way .

(7)All recipes of herbs , especially that of medicinal  , are suggested ones only . Proper medical treament  , care and advice should not be disregarded . Herbal remedies are meant to complement or supplement your current medical treament  . Always check with your physician .Do your own research as well .





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