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Elizabeth's Magickal Herbal Kitchen Garden
General Tips for good Magickal Herbal Kitchen Gardening
Some House-Keeping Rules..
General Tips for good Magickal Herbal Kitchen Gardening
Harvesting , drying & storage of herbs
The Magic Of Culinary Herbs...
In Tune With The Moon
Some tips in Herbal Magick...
Herbs as companions..


              Here are some tips which I gather from various friends , family members &  networking through the net . Keep these in mind  & you shall have a beautiful kitchen garden ! It's great for relaxation too !
(1)Dont't let cold wind blow at your plants , especially during the cooler months . Cold winds tend to shrivel up tender herbs . It may also cause the leaves to be brittle and weak . Move your herbs ( if they are potted ) to a warmer place .( Not near the fire-place though  . We wouldn't want unnecessay "accidents" to happen now , would we ? )  . Do not cover your plants with a cloth or towel either during the night as it will suffocate them . ( Plants are unlike us . We need warm clotting during cooler months . They don't !) .
(2)Do not put your plants near radiators , above television sets , radios , computers etc . The heat generated will cause your plant to dry & wither .
(3)Remember to water your plants regularly . However , too much water can also harm the plant . ( Too much water can change the acidity or alkaline level of the soil which brings more harm than good to the plant . Too much water can also drown the sedlings ) . For example , Basil don't grow well in over-watered soil whilst some herbs like Parsley , Dill , Lovage , Marjoram etc needs wel-drained soil . On the other hand , herbs like Chives require to be well-watered especially during dry weather .
(4)Make sure your plants get their adequate amount of sunlight . Some  plants thrive well in full sun whislt others require shade or partial sunshine . For example , herbs like Dill , Coranider , Bay , Sage , Savory etc can be grown in full sun . While herbs which require shade or partial sunshine include : Fennel ( Will take some sahde ) , Lovage ( some sade as well ) , Mint ( Some shade ) , Parsley ( Doesn't like the afternoon sun) , Smallage (partial shade ) etc .
*P.S:The above list is by no means exhaustive . Check up or do research on the plants you would like to grow .
(5)Soil . Be sure to use a good pot mix if you intend to grow your herbs from seed . Either purchase a commerically prepared mix or you may want to prepare the mix yourself . Either way , do some reasearch into type(s) of soil best suited for the herbs which you want to grow .
(6)Poke some holes into the soil to allow air to flow to the roots . Loosen the soil once every month or more .( Be  sure to wear gloves ) .
(7)Compare the basic growing patterns of the plants you want to grow with the local climate and enviroment to ensure that you make the appropriate adjustments to ensure healthy and good plant growth .  
(8)Pluck out brown or dried leaves  . This encourages the smooth flow of water throughout the plant . Gently stroke your plants to tell them that you care . Then can feel your touch even though they can't tell you verbally . Research has shown plants can grow larger , faster and healthier by storking them ! (Much like stroking your pets )

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