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Elizabeth's Magickal Herbal Kitchen Garden
The Magic Of Culinary Herbs...
Some House-Keeping Rules..
General Tips for good Magickal Herbal Kitchen Gardening
Harvesting , drying & storage of herbs
The Magic Of Culinary Herbs...
In Tune With The Moon
Some tips in Herbal Magick...
Herbs as companions..


                                              Culinary  Herbal
         Herbal Magick is one of the most interesting studies I have ever done . The gifts & wisdom Of MotherNature are the most precious gifts one can ever have . I am grateful to be able to explore this wonderful realm of study. A working knowlegde of both medicinal & magickal usage of herbs can benefit oneself & the family . For instance , an oinment made from rosemary can lessen sores and insect bites .
             Herbal Magick being utilizes in a positive manner can bring peace , harmony , benefits etc to the ones you love or a friend in need . But ever mind the Three Fold Law ! The abuse of any form of magick would only spell DISASTER !
              Learn to be wise in the study of Herbal magick and you shall reap the benefits of MotherNature's wisdom !
BASIL : This rich & spicy herb can be used 
            either fresh or dried . One form of
            simple magick is to crush a leaf 
            between your fingers and sniff . It
            helps to clear your mind or to
           stimulate the conscious mind
           It's also used as part of a protection
          satchet or by its own .
          It has also  been used by shopkeepers
          in the West Indies  ( Basil soaked in
          water & sprinkled around the shop )
          to attract good business .
BAY LEAF : Crush a leaf between your fingers
                 & sniff to increase your pyshic
                 awareness .
                 Relax  your mind & visualize your
                 third eye opening . Be not alarm
                 of the images you receive .
                 Sometimes it may not 
                 be immediate . Be patient .
                 Bay leaves were also placed on
                 laurel wreaths of the roman 
                 emperors to signify victory & glory
                 . Hang a bunch of bay leaves in
                 front of your porch or room to 
                 boost your confidence in an exam
                 or competition or even a job
                 interview .
CARAWAY  : Ground caraway seeds into a fine
                   powder & put into a small jar .
                   Take a sniff whenever you feel
                   mentally or physically drained .
                  Visualize its sharp scent filling
                  your body with energy ! 
CARDAMON : Besides being an appetite stimulator
                      like the rest of the listed herbs here ,
                     it can also be utilized to stimulate
                    the conscious mind , increase self-
                   confidence & energy . Simply ground
                   it & take a sniff . However , if you are
                   allergic to it , then stop using it !
CHIVES : Surprised ? Yes , chives 
              can work magick too ! It is
              usually used as part of a 
             protection spell , satchet  ,
            ritual etc . I tried this 
           once : Chop it up finely
           & soak it along with the 
           basil in warm water . I
           sprinkled it around the
          place I intend to work
          my magick to purify it . 
          It was also doubled up
          as a form of protection . 
         Perhaps it may work for you 
        too ! However , if you do not
        feel comfortable using it , 
        then search for an alternative .
       Use a pendulum to dowse for 
       herb suitable for your working . 
CINNAMON : It can be used as a form of or part of
                    a purification ritual or spell  .
                    Visualize the spicy & stingy scent
                    envelop your body with white energy
                   to cleanse all neagtive energies  . Its
                   aromatic scent could also be used to
                  heighten / increase your psychic
                  awareness .
                 * Be sure to buy the actual cinnamon
                   sticks & ground them up finely .
                  Processed or commercially grounded
                 cinnamon may not be as pure as the 
                 real thing ! 
CLOVES : Cloves are one of the 'heat' spices hence
               it may be used  to maintain health or to
               boost aura . Visualize a swirl of white
               energy twirling from your feet up to your
              head , sweeping away all negative
              energies . Then visualize , from your head
             to your toes or the reverse( if you like )  ,
            a stream of multi-coloured shield
            protecting you . Try it !   It's fun when you
           use your imagination . Breathe in & out
           slowly to end .
CORIANDER : This has a rather pungnet scent
                        which some of you may not like .
                      ( Always use the herbs which you are
                     comfortable with or in using  . If it
                    doesn't feel right for you , by all
                    means find an alternative  . It's no
                   use visualizing protcetion energy if
                  the scent of a spice or herb puts you
                  off !  Nonetheless , it may be used to
                  improve a relationship or to encourage
                 love into a current relationship . Ground
                some of the seeds finely , sniff & visualize
               yourself in a loving & stable
               relationship .
DILL : Fresh dill can be used to awaken the tired
          mind or to increase mental strength . Simply
         rub the leaves between your fingers & smell
        the herb slowly for a while . (Don't take a
       quick hard sniff as its scent may choke you  .
       But that's only temporary . )
GARLIC : The famous Garlic ! Its magickal  ,
               mythological & medicinal properties
              are renowned everywhere . Fresh garlic
              flowers may be placed in a room to purify
             it or to strengthen a sick person's health .
             It can double up as a form of protection or
            purification . Visualize it sweeping away all
            negativity . For those of  you who don't
           mind its strong scent , you may also
           consider using it as a health tonic . Include
          it in your everyday cooking  . Chop it up
          finely & fry it  until lightly browm before
          stirring frying in your vegeatbles or meat
          dishes .
FENNEL : The licorice-like scent can be used to
               increase strength both phsyically &
              mentally . It's also used to induce courage
              . Ground the seeds finely & put it into a
              small jar . Take a sniff whenever you need
             that extra courage . Visualize yourself (
             with both  eyes closed ) a swirl of renewed
            confidence ( like a wave of blue energy )
            around your body & into yur heart . Breathe
           in & out slowly to end . Likewise , leaves of
           the fenel soaked in water sprinkled around
           the house is said to bring about protection .
GINGER : The stimulating scent of fresh ginger can
               be used to maintian health . Include it
               into your daily cooking or as a tonic 
              mixed with honey . It's also said to 
              imporve digestion . It's also a ' heat' spice
             hence it could be utilised magickally to
             induce courage , confidence & strength . 
            It can awaken the tired mind & body as 
            well . 
MARJORAM : The peppery scent of this herb is 
                      said to be able to induce ritual
                     consciousness or the necessary state
                    of mind for a working . Rub the leaf 
                    between your fingeres & breathe in
                    slowly with your palms cupped in
                    front of your nose . However , don't
                   inhale too deeply as the reverse may 
                  occur : drowsinness ! Placing marjoram
                 around your house or bedroom is also
                 said to bring love or encourage passion
                in a marriage . Good intention with
                proper visualization would help the
                process .

Green Crystal Ball

***You should always use the herbs you are most comfortable with or in using . There may be general usages of herbs but each must be tailored accoring to yur needs and workings . Ask for the  Goddess for help if you are unsure . Who else better than to guide you ?